Planning Board

The Durham Planning Board is to be comprised of five (5) Regular members and two (2) Associate members appointed by the board of Selectmen. Terms will be of 5 years duration with staggered expiration dates. Officers of the Board shall consist of a Chairman and Vice Chairman to be chosen annually at the first regular meeting in each year by and from among Board members. The Chairman shall preside at all Board meetings and shall have authority to rule on questions of evidence and procedure, to maintain order and determine the course of proceedings, and to take such other action as may be necessary; and not inconsistent with these bylaws or other laws to enable the Board to perform its duties and conduct its affairs. The chair also shall, together with the Administrative Assistant, set the agenda for each meeting. In the absence of the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman shall preside and shall have the same authority as the Chairman. An appointed Secretary to the Planning Board shall maintain a permanent record of all Board meetings and all correspondence of the Board, which shall be a public record except as otherwise provided by law. This person shall not be a member of the Board.

Vacancies: Board members who are absent for more than 3 regular meetings without prior notice or prearrangement shall be deemed as having given notice as to their intention to resign their membership on the Board.


Planning Board Committee Members

John Talbot, Chair (Term expires 2026)

Juliet Caplinger, Vice-Chair (Term expires 2027)

Allan Purinton (Term expires 2027)

Tyler Hutchison (Term expires 2026)

Anne Torregrossa, Alternate (Term expires 2027)

Brian Lanoie, Alternate (Term expires 2028)


Town Planner  

George Thebarge