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Join Durham Fire-Rescue Today!

Do you have a desire to help? Do you have an interest in serving your community, family, friends and neighbors? Do you want to be part of a committed team dedicated to keeping people safe?

If so, Durham Fire-Rescue is the place for you. Though we have many great members, we can always use more help.

Durham Fire-Rescue is a voluntary organization with a proud history of being an outstanding, community-focused public safety department. This isn't a social club. People here are dedicated professionals that have committed countless hours to be ready for any emergency. Members enjoy benefits of all kinds, ranging from compensation for training and emergency responses to the feeling of being part of a real team that is committed to the safety and well-being of their community.

Don't worry about not having any prior experience, it's not necessary! Between in-house training and courses we can help you attend, we will provide you with everything you need to support and protect your community in a time of need.

There are many ways you can help, including:

  • Fire Explorer: For those in the community ages14-18, Durham Fire-Rescue has a junior member program designed to inspire and develop the interest for young people in the community to see the challenges and rewards of a career in public safety, whether it is as a voluntary member or as a full-time job.
  • Emergency Vehicle Operator: Driving and operating fire apparatus and rescue vehicles in emergency and non emergency settingsEmergency Medical Technician - Become a licensed healthcare provider trained in prehospital medical and trauma care and transport.
  • Emergency Medical Technician: Become a licensed healthcare provider trained in prehospital medical and trauma care and transport.
  • Interior Firefighter: Become a certified structural firefighter. Training will include, but is not limited to,interior firefighting, HAZMAT responses, automobile extrication techniques, water/ice rescue, rope rescue and more.

Many members train in multiple areas, making them eligible for paid daytime shifts if they choose.

If you are interested, please reach out and let us answer any questions you may have. You can call us at the station, 353-2473, or email Chief Joseph Moore at [email protected].


In order for our fire and rescue personnel to provide prompt emergency service, we need to be able to FIND you. Please provide LARGE, easy-to-read numbers on your house or buildings, and on your mailbox (both sides).  By doing so, you will help us find your location faster, day or night!

As a reminder there is an ordinance covering the marking of your home, but more importantly is the delay in help that markings can cause.  A quick challenge would be drive on a road and try to figure out what a particular house number is. Now for an added challenge try it at night or during a storm, or go the opposite direction as the mail carrier.  It’s tough to say the least. The worst part is those numbers quite frequently delay our response, your help!

Here are a few pointers:

Be sure the numbers are visible from the side emergency apparatus most likely will be approaching from. A safe measure is to put them facing both directions.

How big are the numbers? The ordinance is pretty specific 4” and says where the marking should be. You know where you live we don’t make sure we can figure it out.

If there are a cluster of mailboxes with numbers you know which one is yours, we don’t, put a number on the house if it is visible or put up a post.

Reflective numbers are great the illuminated ones are even better.

Address Requirements to Ensure Safety for All Members of Our Community