I sold my house. Why am I getting a tax bill or lien notice?

Properties are assessed to the owner as of April 1st.  If you sold your home after April 1st, your name will remain on the tax bill and the tax bill will be sent to you.  We suggest you do two things:

  • If you know the name and address of the new owner please forward the bill to the new owner(s).  You may also call the Town Office at 207-353-2561 to make sure we are aware that you have sold the property.
  • Check your closing statements to make sure they included the correct amount of real estate tax in the closing. 

If taxes on a property that you owned before April 1st are unpaid, you will receive a lien notice eight to twelve months after the commitment date.  If you receive the notice please call the Town Office at 207-353-2561.