Tax Bills Have Been Mailed

Tax bills have been mailed and will be arriving this week.  The mil rate this year is 19.7 which translates into $1,970 per $100,000 of valuation.  These taxes include the school, county and municipal budgets.  This year the State has lowered the Town’s assessment ratio to 95%.  Every year the State compares sales to the assessed value of the properties which have been sold.  The sales which were examined for purposes of this year’s ratio took place in the second half of 2016 and all of 2017.  What this ratio means is that the assessed valuations the Town uses to commit taxes are less than the amount for which these properties are selling.  What this means to you is that the amount of the exemptions set by the State are lowered by that percentage. If you receive a homestead exemption which lowered your taxable valuation by $20,000 last year, you will see a reduction of $19,000 this year ($20,000 X .95 = $19,000). Taxes are due in full on August 6, 2018 and interest will accrue at a rate of 8% after that date. 

Tax bills are mailed to the owner of record as of April 1st. We do not mail tax bills to mortgage companies.  If this is your first year with a mortgage company you may wish to mail them a copy or contact them with your tax amount and due date. As a rule, mortgage companies call or send us lists to be completed. We receive most payments from mortgage companies the last week before the due date. If you are concerned about your mortgage company paying on time, you may call close to the due date and ask if they have been paid. Due to the number of tax bills we send out every year, we do not call taxpayers if taxes are not received by August 6th.  This is a very busy time in the Town Office and we appreciate your patience.

Questions regarding your assessment should be directed to the Tax Assessor, Donna Hays.  She will be in the office next on July 16th and is generally available the first and third Monday of every month.  Any request for abatement must be made within 185 days after the commitment.  Commitment was June 19th this year. Poverty or Hardship abatements are also available in the Town Office.