Comprehensive Plan Committee

The Town of Durham has organized a committee to revise and update the towns’ Comprehensive Plan.  Attached is a page that we hope will provide a basic understanding of the need for and purpose of that plan.

The main resource we as members of the Comprehensive Plan Committee have for our guide in crafting that plan is you, the residents and stake-holders of Durham.   To that end we have embarked on approximately a two year process.  This process will rely very heavily on contact with you.  To that end we have already circulated an initial survey and held our first community visioning meeting.  We hope to provide several more opportunities to listen to you in the coming months.  We encourage you to participate as often as possible!

The names of the committee members are listed below.  Please feel free to give us your vision for the future of Durham.  The Committee will meet on the first Monday of each month.  All of our meetings are open to the Public.  We also encourage you to invite us to come to any community group you are a part of so that we can gain an understanding of what your group is concerned about or focused on.  We hope that this will be an openly interactive exchange during every step of this process.  We are committed to hearing every voice and encouraging constructive conversations.


Board Members

Name Title
Kevin Nadeau Chair
Jake Atherton Vice Chair
Page Atherton Secretary
John Simoneau Member
Juliet Caplinger Member
Seren Sinisi Member
Steve Sinisi Member
Brian Lanoie Member